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London Shredding

Expert shredding in London

London Shredding provides a secure, efficient, and economical shredding service to commercial and domestic clients across Greater London. We shred paper records, hard drives and other storage devices, clothes, and consumer products and recycle the resulting waste. Every job we undertake is completed to BS EN15713, the European standard for security and confidentiality so you can be assured that your data is in safe hands. We have a vast wealth of experience in professional shredding that enables us to deliver a tailored service to each of our customers. Our operatives collect the paper, remove it from your site, and transport it to our shredding depot to be destroyed quickly and securely. You can keep your personal or business data safe with our comprehensive shredding services.

Our shredding services

We offer a comprehensive range of shredding options. No matter what you need destroyed, or how much of it, our team will handle it efficiently and securely.

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Why choose us for your shredding project?

London Shredding has a team of highly experienced operatives who provide an unmatched service across Greater London and Kent.

  • Confidential

    Shredding your documents and data is the ultimate way to ensure it can never be accessed again. At London Shredding we adhere to the European standard BS EN15713 to ensure that all data in our care is securely stored and destroyed. This removes a potential security risk for you, and helps you comply with GDPR.

  • Convenient

    We work all over Greater London and Kent. Depending on your location, we can be at your site ready to begin within 48 hours of your call. Our team are highly flexible, able to show up at a time ideal for you and meet a wide range of needs. The operatives at your site will take care of the process from start to finish.

  • Conscientious

    We ensure that all the waste produced by the shredding process is disposed of responsibly. Shredded paper is recycled in UK paper mills and old hard drive and computer materials are repurposed. We are committed to minimising environmental damage by recycling everything possible.

Your shredding FAQs answered

Why should I have data shredded?

Shredding is the best way to ensure that your information is completely destroyed with minimal environmental impact. You’ll be able to have a lot of data removed in one go and rendered irretrievable. Plus, all the waste can be recycled.

What do you shred?

We can shred anything you need. Most commonly we shred paper records and hard drives but also take care of consumer products and clothing. If you have paper records in folders or wallets our shredder can destroy that as well.

Do you provide proof my items have been destroyed?

We provide proper documentation as standard. You will receive a waste transfer note that acknowledges we have taken your items to be shredded. Once complete, we’ll give you a Certificate of Destruction specific to the items that have been destroyed.

Where do you work?

We serve homes, businesses, and hospitals across Greater London and Kent. Depending on how close to central London you are, we could be on site within 48 hours of your enquiry. We are highly experienced when it comes to working in London and can meet a range of access challenges.

Professional shredding advice

We’re happy to provide a wealth of advice to ensure that you are disposing of your data safely and responsibly. Take a look at our blog articles to find out the specifics of shredding and new developments that may be of interest.


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